About Us

Richard Roofing Co, LLC is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, a commitment that reflects in every project we undertake. Established in 1986, we have earned the trust of countless satisfied customers, ranging from property managers to homeowners and businesses. While some companies may selectively curate their referral lists, at Richard Roofing Co, LLC, we firmly believe that our reputation is only as good as our last completed project. That’s why we readily provide names and phone numbers of customers whose projects are currently in progress – a genuine display of our unwavering confidence in our work.

Unlike many other roofing companies, our owner, Maurice Richard, doesn’t don a suit to the workplace. The person who sells the job is the one who performs the work. This unique approach ensures impeccable quality control and offers you the assurance that you’re receiving the best possible roofing solution at the most competitive price.

As a medium-sized, privately-owned, and operated business, Richard Roofing stands out by offering homeowners a level of product quality and construction management expertise rarely found in the roofing industry. Additionally, Maurice Richard’s personal experiences and expertise contribute to providing homeowners with a diverse and dynamic service, which is essential for the success of each project.

At Richard Roofing, “efficiency” and “teamwork” are not just catchphrases; they are the cornerstones of our company. When a company bears the family name, it serves as an inspiration for success in every project, and we have zero tolerance for mediocrity. Our core belief is that the highest quality of work and products always stems from the expertise of our highly educated and well-trained personnel. As a result of these principles, Richard Roofing consistently delivers clients the finest craftsmanship, with a specialization in providing the intricate attention to detail that each project demands.

When choosing a contractor, many people opt for the least expensive option because they believe that saving money is their top priority. While there’s no denying the importance of financial considerations, the initial savings can quickly evaporate when poor workmanship becomes evident. Relying solely on the lowest cost can lead to a disastrous outcome. This selection approach frequently results in property owners receiving exactly what they paid for: lower quality, reduced service, and a lack of accountability.

Richard Roofing offers clients a comprehensive range of services that surpasses, if not outperforms, most of our competitors. Our services include budget reviews, engineering expertise, precise scheduling, prompt customer callbacks, knowledgeable customer service, and office support staff. We also provide warranties and recommend maintenance procedures. At Richard Roofing, we deliver a top-tier, all-inclusive roofing package to our clients.

Richard Roofing Co, LLC has successfully completed projects ranging from minor roof repairs to overseeing a 1,600 square-foot, 32-building condominium complex. We are a true full-service roofing company, equipped to handle projects of various scales.

Our extensive knowledge of roofing, coupled with our commitment to staying updated on the latest advancements in single-ply EPDM (rubber), slate, copper work, and residential roofing technologies, ensures that choosing Richard Roofing Co, LLC as your contractor is a decision you’ll be delighted with.