Area homeowners interested in local metal roofing for MetroWest communities should give us a call here at Richard Roofing. We’re the local metal roofing experts and can help you choose the right metal roof for your home that will match your architectural style, in a color of your choice, while providing you with a dependable, long-lasting roof that offers outstanding value.

Why local metal roofing? Because no one understand the harsh environment of New England better than a local metal roofing contractor who lives and works here. At Richard Roofing, we’ve been selling, installing, and maintaining local metal roofing in the surrounding communities since 1986. Over the years, metal roofs have become increasingly popular as more styles and colors of metal roofing have become available.

Several key benefits and features make metal roofs highly attractive for area homeowners. First, local metal roofing lasts substantially longer than traditional asphalt roof shingles – over TWICE as long, even longer. The typical New England asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of only about 15-20 years. However, local metal roofing can easily last as long as FIFTY years, with very little maintenance required.

And that’s not all. Metal roofing resists cracking, shrinking, and eroding for unparalleled weather-resistance. Unlike asphalt shingle roofs, local metal roofing easily sheds heavy snowloads, helping you avoid potential roof collapses as well as ice dams that can cause damaging roof leaks. Concerned about a metal roof being noisy in sleet and hail storms? Don’t be. Metal roofs are no noisier than wood or asphalt shingle roofs. Conventional attic insulation easily muffles any potential roof noise.

Some of the benefits of local metal roofing:

  • Highly weather-resistant and long-lasting
  • Approximately 50% lighter than a traditional asphalt shingle roof
  • Environmentally friendly – manufactured with approximately 28% recycled steel and completely recyclable
  • Available in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns to match your architectural style and blend into your neighborhood

If you’d like to know more about local metal roofing – or are looking for a FREE estimate – contact the local metal roofing specialists here at Richard Roofing.