Roof Ice dam Prevention Products for [kds_location]It might seem strange to be talking about roof ice dam prevention products in the summer months, but now is the time to prepare for next winter’s harsh conditions and the risk of damage from ice buildup on your roof.

There are a number of roof ice dam prevention products that can help prevent damage to your home, including:

  • Roof edge heating cables
  • Metal ice belt roof panels
  • Calcium chloride ice melt
  • Snow rake

While the last two items are roof ice dam prevention products that homeowners can use to prevent or eliminate ice dams, they require physical effort on the part of the homeowner, often during bad weather, such as a snow storm – not much fun. The first two are products a professional roofer such as Richard Roofing can help you with. Electrical roof ice dam prevention products such as electric de-icer cables can be installed on your roof to heat it during icing conditions and melt or prevent the formation of ice dams. Likewise, metal roof panels are a preventative in that they inhibit the ability of snow to stick to your roof, sliding off so that it cannot build up and subsequently melt to form a dam.

Other steps you can take to prevent damaging ice dams is to ensure you have adequate attic insulation and ventilation to prevent warm air under your roof from melting snow and refreezing as ice along your roof’s edge. A series of snowfalls and warm-ups (either natural or manmade) can rapidly speed up the formation of ice dams and cause damage before you’re even aware of it.

To learn more about roof ice dam prevention products and how we can help you prevent or repair damage caused by ice dams, give us a call or drop us an email today at Richard Roofing.

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