Your roof is a crucial part of your home, and a quality roof should last for decades. However, traditional roofing materials do not last forever and are often prone to failure. Standing seam metal roofs do not require constant maintenance and are estimated to last over 50 years, ensuring better insulation and watertight sealing compared to traditional roofing membranes.

If you are looking for a quality, durable roof, Richard Roofing is proud to offer standing seam metal roofs. The benefit of this roof is that it offers an impregnable seal and the ability to trim and customize the length of the interlocking panels to fit your roof, so you do not have to worry about leaks, poor insulation, or maintenance for decades.

We offer four different types of standing seam metal roofs:

  • Mechanically seamed
  • Nail-hemmed
  • Snap-locked
  • Exposed fasteners

All of these have benefits and drawbacks, so we will work with you to find the one that best suits your home.

The skill of our team and the quality of our roof installation has spoken for itself for 30 years, but we know that you’ll love a standing seam metal roof from our team. There’s no need to worry about hail damage or water leaks again, and we can guarantee you’ll love it for years to come.

When you start looking for a new roof, consider standing seam metal roofs from Richard Roofing. We offer the best quality installation and customer experience in the area. We know you will sleep well with one of our roofs over your head.

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