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Summer Storm Roof Damage: Is Your Roof Ready For Severe Weather?

Summer Storm Roof Damage

Everyone knows that cold, snowy winters can wreak havoc on a roof. But building owners should be aware that summer storms – which tend to be fast and fierce –can be as serious as the worst blizzards. Thankfully, with a bit a knowledge and an ounce of prevention, building owners can keep their roof systems […]

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive. Spending a few minutes every six months looking closely at your roof can help you identify roof maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later. It’s also important to periodically check your homeowners insurance to make sure that serious roof damage is covered by your policy. […]

Materials: The Advantages of a Metal Roof

Richard Roofing

Are you interested in making your house more energy efficient, adding a beautiful and striking major design element, and never having to replace your roof again? Consider a metal roof. While the cost of a metal roof is significantly higher than a shingled roof, it will likely last a lifetime and it is practically maintenance-free. […]

Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Roof Leaks

Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Roof Leaks

One of the most common and costly issues homeowners call on a contractor for is to fix a leaky roof. Not surprisingly, most property owners do not have the expertise (or desire) to get onto their roofs and look for problems themselves. However, even for a professional, the source of a leak can be elusive […]

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